Friday, March 03, 2006


I was tagged by Sindhu, for the second time!!! Even though we had no college for the past 3 to 4 days, i didnt feel any difference. I didnt get time to post immediately after been tagged. So, even if its late, its the latest. And here it goes....

Ten Years Ago...

* I was dreaming of becoming like Sachin and fought with my Mom to buy a cricket kit(Didn't get it till now).
* Rode a TVS Champ and fell down before going to school in the morning. Was hurt severely. Yet went to school. I hated taking leaves(not from the plant).
* I was the tallest in my class and stood at the last in the Assembly.
* Playing cricket was my greatest passion at that time and i was the best fielder and was called Jetti Rhodes(Not Jhonty Rhodes).
* Tv, Tv, Tv. I was always watching that Idiot Box and would always get scoldings for that,from my Mom.
* Of course, I was ten years younger than what i am now(i am 19 years young now) and i was studying in Fifth standard.

Five Years Ago...

* I was in Tenth Standard and i was called King of Chemistry in my class.
* It was year when i got 2 out of the 3 Best Friends i have.
* I was the happiest person on earth as i satisfied my Mom, Uncle and my Brother as i got the percentage of marks what they expected.
* I decided to take Biology group in Eleventh standard and dreamt of becoming a Doc.
* I was crazy about Computers.
* I asked my brother to get me a Keyboard and decided to learn Music.

Last Year...

* Nothing special. Same damn boring life in SRM.
* Got an Ipod.
* Went for an Industrial Visit to Bangalore and Ooty which i didnt enjoy.
* Was composing my own music.
* Enrolled myself for GRE coaching classes.
* Broke up with a friend who didnt understand me.
* found a new friend.
* Became part of the "Biotunes" band and performed in 2 competitions.
* Made a video for my song(with a Handycam in the Beach!!!).
* Last year was neutral with merely no ups and downs.


* I Was in SSN Engineering college to perform in the prelims of the light music competition held there. Their culturals were named "Instincts".
* I was damn tired as we were the forteenth team to perform and waited from 9 A.M. to 2:30 P.M.
* I was frustrated as we were not selected for the finals.
* I was afraid of my future, as our college was on strike.
* I was practising for the culturals in MIT(MITAFEST) for day after tomorrow.

Five Yummy Things...

* Paratta-kurma.
* Masaal Dosa.
* Butter Naan-Gobi Manchuriyan.
* Baby corn Pizza.
* Hyderabad Chicken Biryani.

Five Songs I know by heart...

* Sorry seems to be... Blue.
* Venmathi... Minnale.
* Poongaatrilae... Uyirae(Dil se).
* Oru Naalil... Pudupettai.
* Thenpandi Seemayilae... Naayagan.

Places I Escape To...

* My Keyboard
* My Comp
* My Ipod
* Terrace
* My Friend's place

Five Things I'd Do If I have Money...

* Buy my Mom the costliest Saree on Earth and whatever she wants.
* Buy myself a Korg Triton.
* Build a recording Theatre.
* Start a Biotech concern.
* Make a movie with my friends.

TV Shows

* Mr.Bean.
* Kalakkapovadhu yaaru.
* Small wonder.
* Chidhambara Ragasiyam.

Five Things I can't Live Without

* Mom
* Music
* Friends
* Comp
* Mobile


At March 08, 2006, Blogger Parvathi said...

wat's a korg triton

At March 08, 2006, Blogger Shiva said...

Its a Musical Keyboard which costs about 1,25,000 Rs.

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