Friday, February 10, 2006

Aarya Strikes Back!!!

This is nothing to do with actor Aarya. The one i mentioned is none other than my class incharge D.P.R. (we named him Aarya. Dont ask me why)

I was very tired and sleepy in the 7th hour today. As usual he came to the class without any preparation. Since he had to while away the time(50 min), he started blasting everyone as usual. I dont know how he is managing to shout for about 50 min. He has to have some reasons for shouting at us. So, he started asking questions and asked about the experiment we did the last week and whether we checked out the results, and again barked at us. If the instructor does a mistake, how r we responsible for that? If we follow whatever they say, its wrong. If we dont follow also its wrong. What a life in SRM? Huh. Waiting for the End!!!


At February 10, 2006, Blogger Sindhu said...

Q will die if she hears that you guys have named him Arya! Even though I am not his fan or anything...comparing DPR to anyone or anything for that matter is an insult to the person/animal/thing! So please don't do it in the future.

And about the class..when has he ever prepared for the classes...he has took half a unit since the beginning of the sem!! Him saying that he's going to finish off 2 units in 15 days is the biggest joke of the century! He's one hell of a maniac so it wouldn't suprise
me even of he shouts for 24 hours in a single breath. Remember 2nd sem?? When we used to get blasted for solid 2 hrs per day! He doesn't know what he should be doing or what he should do, so him blaming others to cover his arse is not something new. Once a scunk, always a scunk! "Phsyco" can also replace scunk!

Sigh...I can go on and on about him..guess have made a bigger thing here than your post itself!

PS: Don't let him spoil the time we are having at college. We can never get it back! :)

At March 16, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

always try to be happy with wht u have and with the decisions u have taken. and let me wish that most of the decisions u take in ur life should be the correct ones.
good to see that u like ur mum, as any son does. u can buy whtever she needs and u cant live without her. hmmmm

enjoy ur life

At March 05, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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