Sunday, January 15, 2006

The M-Factor

Hi Friends,
I have uploaded the songs composed by myself and my friend(The M-Factor) in Acidplanet and have given a link as "The M-Factor(Songs)". Just click it rrroooommmm. Hear and comment please....

INDIA..... (Still a Developing Country)!!!!

Hi Friends,
This topic may seem boring and funny, but its very important to talk about this. Everyone know that we got independence some 58 yrs back. They say even after 58 yrs, we r still a developing country. Even in the film Anniyan, they showed clips how Japan and Singapore developed in a short span of time. But its not possible in India. As u see, if a family consists of only 2 to 3 members, its easy to maintain the family and develop it. Whereas if its a big family, its not that easy. Its similar.
Our country has the second largest population in the world. It takes some time to become a fully developed Nation. The US took about 200 yrs to reach the current position! We have a lot of negative aspects in our Society, especially Bribe. Its not as famous in other countries as in India!! Its not possible to stop it immediately, but nothing wrong to try it! In order to become a fully developed Nation, a lots of changes have to be done in our society. I like to hear the changes from u..... From ur comments.

Love Everyone

It's a wonderful feeling that God gave us. But it differs from person to person. The way they perceive the feeling differs. Love not only means boy-girl love. It also means mom-son, dad-son, it also means the love u have towards your cute doggy.... So, continue to Love everyone, even your enemy, it can even change him/her.

Saturday, January 14, 2006


Hi friends,
This is Shiva here. This is my first post, so i decided to start it with a smile. Smile costs nothing, so smile a lot. But not for unnecessary things, mind it. Ok friends, dont forget to pass on ur comments to my posts. K. See u. Bye.